Help Make Weave Safe.

See Something, Say Something.

Be Yourself

  • Use your own name - don't worry, it's hidden for controversial posts
  • Write honestly - it's ok if you change your views over time, just don't purposely mislead anyone

No Snooping

  • Don't be nosy - fishing for personal details that can reveal real names isn't allowed
  • Keep it to yourself - if you think you know the real identity of someone who wrote a protected post, stay quiet
  • Don't doxx - protect your friends' privacy when they trust you.

No Porn

  • Dirty pictures - if it isn't ok for an eight year-old to see, please don't post it
  • Violence - same idea, nothing too gory. If it's important or newsworthy and you're at all unsure, put it in the comments instead.

No Spam

  • People have better things to do with their time than weed through junk

No Snitching

  • We want your help. To keep things running smoothly, please make sure your complaints runs deeper than basic dislike of the person.

Nothing Illegal

  • No threats, etc.