Wait, This Looks Familiar

Weave took the best features from traditional social media. Take Friending for example. Works the same - you send a request and the other person accepts.

We just made it better.

Choose Post Type

Keep in touch with everyone or go anonymous for controversial topics.

Your Identity is Protected By Aliases

Protected posts keep arguments safe. Speak on issues you care about without losing friends.

Take risks and ask questions.

The Respect Button Moves You Towards Real Names

When you respect a post or comment, let the author know. Respect doesn't mean you respect the person - just something they said. It doesn't necessarily mean you agree.

Weave puts you in control.

  • When there's enough mutual respect, review what was respected
  • Confirm the respect matters
  • Temporarily see real name and views
  • Trust

Mutual trust means real names stay visible.

The Nope Button Avoids Irritation

Can't find common ground with some people? If you're frustrated with a conversation, remember you're in control. Self-moderation lets you remove the frustration of annoying conversations.

Noping is undetectable. You'll still see noped friends for the sociable posts. So there are no hurt feelings, just honesty and good times.

Social Media Like You've Never Seen

Friendships are deeper when you can be yourself. Avoid the problems and stop hiding the real you.