We've got A's for your Q's

How much does this cost?

Can you put a price on respect? Trust? Open speech?

Just kidding - it's completely free. We'll eventually support the app with advertising.

Can I install Weave on my phone?

Weave isn't in the app store yet. But it works great on mobile and you can install to your home screen.

Are Like and Respect different?

Likes (and other reactions) tell people what you thought about the post. Respect is part of the trust process. When there's mutual respect, you'll see close friends' real names where they used to be aliased.

What is trust?

There are many kinds of trust in the real world. Will your friend do what he says, can she come through in a pinch?

In Weave, trust is safely sharing your real opinions with a friend.

How does Weave hide my name?

When you protect a post, Weave assigns everyone in the post a different alias. The aliases even look different to different people.

Does anonymity turn people into jerks?

Aliases can be awful - people can use them to say things they'd never want their names attached to.

Variable identity is something different - part of a long-term relationship. You're talking to a friend and trying to build respect. People are less annoying because they know they can be Noped away and because their close friends see their real names.

When should I respect?

  • Someone's being open
  • You agree with them (or think a point is well-argued and liked hearing the other side)

... show the author your respect.

How many respects do I need?

It's up to you - just change your settings. We'll let you know when there are enough mutual respects to decide about moving forward toward trust. You can always adjust your minimum to increase security.

If the respected comments don't feel right, reject and wait for more respect.

How can I build trust?

  • Speak your views candidly and clearly
  • Argue your point well
  • Tolerate different opinions

What if certain topics are too hot for my social network?

Secure groups are great for this. In a secure group, even your close friends don't know it’s you - unless you trust them in that separate group.

Why can't I just immediately trust certain people and skip the building respect part?

Weave allows you to skip with a few friends.

This reduces pressure from friends you want to be careful with. Just tell people you already hit the limit.

What if I fall out with a close friend?

Click a button and they're back with the rest of your friends.